How much will it cost for consulting services?

Cost is determined by the length of the project, and will be discussed during the analysis; but no work will be performed without your consent.

How long will a consulting project take?

The length of the project will be determined by how much work you, the business owner needs and wants. This will be discussed during the analysis and a decision will be made before any work begins.

How do we begin with our consulting project?

From the time you contact us, we will be on site to start the analysis within five business days (based upon consultant availability). The entire analytical process takes 1-2 days. We are ready to begin at the completion of the analysis.

Does Walker Consulting Company guarantee their work?

Our work is 100% guaranteed to the extent of our client's ability to grasp the concepts and make the necessary changes to the business as directed.

Do we qualify for a Business Consulting Company?

Every business qualifies for our business analysis; all we require is an honest desire to improve your business.

What are the different consulting programs offered?

We offer multiple programs and variations. Your program will be based on your specific need. Our key Program is Profit Engineering; this means that we show you how to improve your business in every facet. Please check out our list of our basic programs and either contact us or give us a call if you have further questions. Our number is (816) 718-1299.