Walker Business Development Company, LLC - You don't have to increase sales to increase profits

Welcome To Walker Business Development Company, LLC

Business PartnersWalker Business Development Company is a small business consulting firm dedicated to helping your business succeed with your business plan, develop marketing strategies, and increase profits without increasing sales.

Walker Business Development Company has over 25 years of experience helping owners from all different aspects of business across all 50 states grow their business and their bottom line.


  • A consultant with an MBA and over 25 years consulting and executive management experience.
  • A consultant with a proven background and understanding of the latest teaching and training techniques.
  • A consultant who will listen to and respect the needs and wants of the client.
  • A consultant with a strong understanding of what it takes to bring about the changes necessary to turn around your business.
  • An annualized return of at least 2 dollars for every 1 dollar invested with WCC.
  • Honesty and integrity throughout the project and after we're done.
  • Satisfaction with the work performed and references upon request.
  • If hourly rates apply, you maintain control of the project at all times. You may increase or reduce the project hours at anytime during the project.
  • Training around your schedule the way you prefer; one on one or group setting.
  • The ability to request a retainer for regular future checkups at a substantial discount.
  • Regular communication and updates throughout the project; verbally and written.


  1. We actively seek out female and minority business owners.
  2. We cater to the smaller business owners, not the big business owners.
  3. We understand that cash flow may be an immediate issue and we'll work with you to create a plan to help with your cash needs right away.
  4. You have the same consultant throughout the project.
  5. Your consultant will have the specific industry experience for your business.
  6. We operate lean to help you maintain cost control. This means only one consultant throughout the entire program.
  7. We maintain a lifelong relationship with our clients through the use of a renewable contract at much reduced rates. We don't just create the changes needed in your business and leave; we believe this is the biggest mistake made by consulting companies, they come in, make the necessary changes and leave. We've found that a high number of clients were reverting back to their old ways. We've developed a program where we return at intervals to ensure your continued success. We guarantee it.